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RGB vs RGBW LED strip

What is RGB strip/RGBW strip?

As we know, standard RGB LED strips uses a 3 in 1 chip made up of Red, Green and Blue chips, which has been around for a while now and has opened the door to previously unheard-of lighting possibilities, In response to popular demand though, RGBW is coming, which addes extra white chip in to mix, so RGBW LED strip uses 4 chips in 1 chip that has a white chip as well as Red, Green and Blue an RGB chip alongside a white chip.

Why would you wanna extra White?

As mentioned, the standard RGB strip can’t create pure white, a dedicated white LED chip produces a much more refined white tone and adds to the vividness of colors that can be produced, the extra white chip also provides extra scope for color mixing with the RGB chips to create a big range of unique shades, also it can allows to obtain more real and more bright white light.

Which is Better?

RGB+W is undoubtedly a much more flexible product than standard RGB LED strip which looks a little crude alongside RGB+W. Inevitably it is of course a bit more expensive but you are getting a much more capable product. The RGB and RGBW LED strips can be easily recognized by the connectors of them, there are 4 pins on RGB led strips and there are 5 chips on RGBW led strips.

RGBW LEDs allow for a much fuller color palette and more precise performance. In fact, RGBW LEDs achieve what can be described as full-spectrum lighting much better than RGB LEDs.

It is necessary to think about the application if you wanna to chose between RGB and RGBW, we now recommend RGBW LEDs instead of just RGB for all indoor applications, with main lighting anyway, but also with accent lighting, you get more convincing result, and the pure RGB solutions are only useful for explicit effect applications, such as in the theater or at events.

How about the controllers?

The RGB led strip has 4 outputs controller, and RGBW has five putputs controller, it is not possible to use the RGBW light sources with RGB controllers.

Is RGBW more difficult to install?

No. The extra chip makes no difference - as long as you choose the correct controller then it's no more complex than RGB. In terms of control it may be a little more complex as there are extra functions but once set up it's easy.




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